Overview of Our Main Services

Network Solutions

Passive: Site survey and designing required paths Analysis and calculate required equipment Implementing and installing the passive solution

Active:Analyzing and designing active solution Implementing and installing the active solution

Home Automation

Complete home automation solution for several villas, which include Monitoring using IP Cams Light, Sound, Gates and A.C. Control Motion detection with security system Video intercom and IP TV Agility Office: Complete office auatomation solution for Agility 6th Oct warehouse, which include Light, Sound and A.C. Control Motion detection with security system

Security Solutions

Antivirus solutions: (Symantec and Kaspersky) Email protection solutions: (Symantec and Kaspersky) Firewall and IPS : (CISCO, Forti Gate and Sonic Wall) RSA solutions



Training & Learning

Deliver Microsoft courses by MCT persons Deliver IT Pros track training courses by MCT persons Ready to deliver any customized course as needed.

Hardware & Support

Deliver and install all hardware (PC, Servers, Storage … etc.) Solve any hardware problems during operation time Designing and implementing IP surveillance and monitoring system using IP Cams


Software Development

IT Flag provides software development, for web, desktop and mobile applications: Develop new applications Maintenance for current software applications